The Interaction Design Education Summit will hold its eight annual gathering at the start of Interaction Week 20, on 2–3 February 2020. This year’s summit will be hosted by Domus Academy.

The MSc Interaction Design course will be represented by Andreas Papallas who will give a talk on “Online Teaching of Interaction Design: Challenges and Opportunities” co-authored with Prof. Panayiotis Zaphiris. This is the abstract of the presentation:

Interaction Design teaching and learning focuses on enabling the students to see a design project as a systematic process that includes the understanding of user needs, the discussion and deliberation around possible design solutions, making design decisions, and taking such decisions to prototyping and evaluation. The face-to-face delivery of Interaction Design teaching focuses on mentoring and problem/project based learning approaches.

Online teaching of Interaction Design comes with conflicting views, some highlighting its known opportunities and strengths, such as the ability to study at your own pace, the ability to choose programs that might not be offered locally, and others highlighting is possible challenges and shortcomings, for instance how do you safeguard the mentoring character of online teaching of design, how do you facilitate group work and proper feedback, how do you encourage creativity and novelty through remote supervision?

Building on our experience from the online delivery of a fully online MSc in Interaction Design offered jointly by two universities (Tallinn University and Cyprus University of Technology) we will highlight. the strengths and challenges that come with online teaching and learning of Interaction Design and Design in general. Examples of good practise and novel approaches for such a delivery of content will be discussed and demonstrated. The presentation will encourage input from the audience regarding this important topic for the Interaction Design community.

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