The programme offers a unique multinational opportunity with current students joining the programme from 22 different countries (Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Cote d’Ivoire, Cyprus, Dubai, Estonia, Ghana, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Suriname, Sweden, UK).

joelrileyThe Interaction Design studies provide me with advanced skills and knowledge of the design process as it relates to interactive production. This directly improves my capabilities in the workplace and satisfies my ongoing curiosity with all things interactive. The subject matter required to understand such an innovative field is often multi faceted and complex. I find the curriculum to be well thought out and the instructors very knowledgeable. Overall it’s been very exciting to be part of this program.


Joel Riley, Technical Director at an Interactive Advertising Agency

As an aspiring UX researcher/designer I wanted to get on a well built knowledge Sotiris Koukouletsostrack that would lead to honing the needed professional skills and offer an academic progress. This Msc is exactly that. The programme is structured with great attention to detail.The modules are project based and each week you have to make progress, which is a motivational factor that doesn’t let you lose track or study once for some exams and gain sterile knowledge.  Every professor is there to help and motivate you as soon as possible.


Sotiris Koukouletsos, UX researcher/designer


My studies gave me the knowledge and principles of design and methodology needed to reach creative yet educated results. It has provided me with the basis for a more spherical view of product and system design. 

Interaction Design studies are a must for future designers, developers and other professionals who deal with the creation of interactive systems.


Vaso Constantinou, Accessibility Designer

Darja-TokranovaInteraction design studies have contributed greatly to my UX Designer’s career, introduced me to the industry and opened the door to new professional domain.

Teachers deserve to be mentioned separately, as they are undoubtedly competent and talented in what they do.


Darja Tokranova, UX Designer

TheodorosThe HCI module gave me insights into new ways people interact with technology.
It was an introduction into a rapidly growing field, becoming more and more necessary day by day.

I believe that now I am ready to evaluate technology products and websites regarding to their usability.


Theodoros Sourmelis, Teacher and PhD Candidate


These courses gave me the skills to make users feel satisfied! As a multimedia & graphic designer I got a better understanding how to apply human-centered design principles and by doing so, to get better results with my digital and printed design works.

Also, I became better at understanding the needs of people with disabilities and so from now on, my primary goal is to design for improved accessibility.


Francesca Sella, 2D / 3D artist